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Innofoods is a firm committed to develop products based on innovative process of simplified cooking for quick access during excursions, corporate meetings, cafes/hotels, airports and many other institutions. Our products provide nourishing sustenance and delectable snacks for a contemporary lifestyle, manufactured hygienically by a team of specialists in compliance to standard operating procedures.

Instant Cup Muesli

Our product delivers a complete balanced diet comprising all required ingredients for those exposed to advanced lifestyle. It’s an excellent remedy for illnesses with the heart, bones, vision and skin. It regulates hunger in pregnant women, nursing mothers, athletes, students, working professionals and senior individuals by inducing active digestion.

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Direction to use

Step 1. Open the lid.

Step 2. Empty the entire content of the Muesli mix into the cup.

Step 3. Fill the cup with boiling hot water till water mark(approximately 100ml).

Step 4. Stir well and enjoy.

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